Europe Travel Postcards

Send postcards from your trip and let your friends and family know where you've been! You'll be able to customize your postcards in a fast and easy way, create your postcards now and your friends will receive it at their doorsteps!

Brain Duels

Have you ever wanted to test your brain qualities? Now you can do it in an online arena where you'll fight your friends or random opponents if you dare to compete against the world!

Select what you want to exercise, play for a minute and your rival will receive the challenge. Play with whoever you want whenever you want, because Brain Duels is an asynchronous multiplayer game. So you don't need to play together in real-time! Use it while you travel, in a bar or whenever you want to train your brain.

Download this free application worth for all ages. Start training your brain right now and reach its maximum capability.

Are you ready?

Quick Pick

This is not the traditional and boring Memory Game, it is a Speed Game. A free app that challenges your basic skills: agility, precision, memory and concentration. The game includes multiple difficulty modes, which makes it not only ideal for kids, but also for elderly and young alike!

Enjoy this hand-crafted adventure where you will meet new characters in every level: Droppy, Oniony, Clocky and more. Share it with your friends and have fun!

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